PDA Troubleshooting requires javascript and session cookies to be enabled. Web browser configuration procedures will vary amongst the wide variety of PDAs available today. The PDA login page checks for both of these requirements. Steps 1&2 below will help you troubleshoot this area.

1) Do you see a cookie warning at the top of the login page?
If so, this indicates that session cookies are not being handled. uses session cookies to maintain user state information.

- You may need to enable cookies in your PDA browser.
- In some cases session information may be restricted or not supported by your PDA Service Provider.  
- Contact your PDA service provider for information on enabling session cookies.

2) Does the login button not give you a warning if you click it without entering a Username and Password?
The login button does a javascript check to verify that the form is filled in. uses javascript to provide critical features within the site.

- Some older PDA's may not support javascript.
- Some PDA's may need javascript specificly enabled.
- Check your security settings to see if they restrict javascript usage.

PDA Login Page